Don’t Forget Us..Pet Us! Is a 501c3 non profit organization. We do not receive any government funding and rely solely on your kindness and generosity. Run by a handful of volunteers who juggle families and full time jobs away from the farm we need all the help we can get generating the funds to continue the work of the sanctuary and providing a lifetime commitment to “our” ( yes, they belong to you too!) animals.Please consider helping in whatever capacity you can and follow the stories and journeys of these animals on Facebook or Instagram, I promise you will fall in love with them just like we do!!

Luna is a seven year old Welsh Mountain pony mare. She came to us after she had a left front suspensory ligament injury.  She needed six months to rest so her leg could heal properly. She has since recovered from her injury and happily started back to work. This girl is sweet as can be and very in your pocket type personality. Luna cost about $250 a month  and gets her feet trimmed every 8 weeks at $50 a trim.
Zoe is around 12 years old. She was from our neck of the woods and one day she was posted free on social media. We monitored the post and intervened when we felt she was in jeopardy of getting in the wrong hands. For a long time she got her feet done by someone who was not qualified to do so.  Zoe was very fearful of her feet being touched and was in a lot of pain.  She had a lot of lameness issues and after working with her, vets, and farriers we were able to do a lameness exam with x rays. Zoe has Navicular Syndrome in both front feet. I’m happy to report Zoe is doing great in her new shoes and also very trusting of her people these days. She loves her friend Luna and being brushed for hours! Zoe monthly cost is $250 and $175 every 8 weeks for her shoes.
Duncan is a 17 year old Quarter Horse gelding. Duncan loves to trail ride and go to the beach but sadly sometimes we can’t do those things because he has really bad asthma also known as Heaves for horses. We have him on a smartpak supplement that has helped a lot in managing his breathing. Depending on the season we do different medications that help as well. Duncan’s monthly cost is $300 a month, $50 a month for smartpak, and $50 every 8 weeks for a trim.
Styx is an 18 year old Thoroughbred gelding with a heart as big as he is! Styx was  in a lesson program and because he did his job so well teaching those tiny riders so safely and quickly they advanced onto bigger things, bigger jumps,  and bigger shows. However Styx was showing signs of needing littler things, littler riders, and less riding. He had a hitch in his hind leg that was getting more noticeable and he was having a hard time getting up after laying down. His owners tried to do what was right. Finding him a retirement home with everything he needed along with checked references. This lead them to believe they found the perfect place but the day before he was suppose to get picked  up the vet reference called his owner back. She could tell how well loved he is and said she wasn’t really a vet. Her friend told her to do it because she takes free horses and sells them at auctions, dealers and slaughter. That is how he ended up with us. Styx slowly started back to work last year and that has helped with his arthritis. He enjoys trail rides, beach rides, and giving all the kids pony rides. We have also been able to put all four shoes on his feet which has been beneficial to him as well. He now floats when he moves! He is very proud to have a little job and is a great friend to all his two and four legged friends. Styx cost $300 a month and $250 every 8 weeks for his shoes.

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